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2019. Electric Assisted Vehicles Ltd. Proudly created for the future of transportation

eav models

EAV has been designed from conception to include the minimum amount of moving parts and therefore failure modes to ensure our operators receive the most efficient and robust vehicle that they can buy.

We have also designed for manufacturing simplicity so that we can build in volume with relatively low outlay and with the potential to reduce vehicle cost significantly.

We want to bridge the gap between LCV's and eCargo bikes with the "EAVan" category of vehicle. One that comes under ebike legislation but goes further from a safety and operational point of view. Adding all normal vehicle features such as lights and load ratings, accompanied by safety standards that other vehicles do not offer; Significantly capable braking system, secure rear cargo storage with double door locking, rider position spacial awareness with large wing mirrors and unparalleled vision of sight.

Our vehicles are incredibly light on the environment and infrastructure, only requiring standard 240v 3 pin plug charging, un-measurably low brake and tyre wear compared to LCV's thus reducing the much un-talked about particle emissions from heavy vehicles such as electric trucks and bus tyres and brakes.