Our Sustainability Journey

Natural fibre composite bodywork

 Using the latest in natural flax fibre composites, our bodywork is bio-recyclable as well as being excellent for purpose!  

Pandemic friendly

 With considered hygienic 

materials selection, replaceable touch points and remotely opening cargo space doors, eav is ready for the current and post pandemic preventative measures.

Locally sourced 

We manufacture ourselves or locally source all of our materials where possible. Our bodywork and chassis are made on site! This reduces our carbon footprint and keeps us sustainable. 

Zero Emissions 

Powered by battery, our ultra -lightweight EAVs produce no carbon emissions. EAV not only reduces urban pollution, but also congestion by taking vans off the road. 

Restoring the Natural Environment - EAV and Merchant Tailor

When you order a fleet from EAV, we can offer you Merchant Tailor clothing. Merchant Tailor produces specifically developed cycling logistics clothing made from recycled ocean waste plastics.


Developed to offer the perfect blend of sports active wear and logistics durability and brand identity. In addition, by being less dependent on virgin materials, using less water and chemicals, and by reducing our CO2 emissions and energy usage, goes some way with our mission to restore a healthy natural balance.  


By producing more environmentally friendly fabrics and products, that can be used for all areas of your accessory and apparel collections, will give your customers the knowledge that they are choosing an option that  supports the mission to help protect and restore our planet....

our only home.