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Dwain McDonald- CEO, DPD 

“EAV is an incredibly innovative company and it has been fantastic to work alongside a British manufacturer to create such a highly customisable solution"

Mark Wilkes- Sustainability Director, DPD


"As EAV's technical partners, we are happy to use such a reliable and efficient last mile delivery vehicle. The 2Cubed cargo space is extremely well suited to delivery and logistics and our riders find them comfortable and effortless to ride. At DPD, we have found the EAVs to be a strong asset to our fleet!"

 Simon Gregg- Vice President of Online Grocery, Asda

"It was great to see the reaction to the e-bike when we took it out on the road – it was really well received and definitely was a talking point at the store and with our customers.

A solution such as this would allow us to get into town and cities where access is limited, using either roads or cycle lanes.

It’s been great to collaborate with the team at EAV and put their eCargo vehicle to the test.”

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Quaid Combstock- Logistics Team Lead, LaundryHeap


"Using the EAV 2Cubed gives us a high level of operational capability, carrying large volumes of stock and travelling dependably through the streets of London.


The vehicles are robust and allow us to market our company powerfully with the unique design and branding opportunities."