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Adam Barmby

Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Highly experienced designer and innovator with a track record of product creation and development. As an entrepreneur, Adam has grown his first company BAMD ltd from his friends garage to a highly successful advanced composites business with a 2020 turnover forecast of over £4.5m.  BAMD provides composite components for Haas F1, Aston Martin Lagonda  Limited, McLaren Automotive Limited, RedBull Technologies etc.. and has built an incredibly high standard business thriving in the growing demands of the Composites industry.  Adam believes he can build anything....

Nigel Gordon-Stewart

Executive Chairman, Commercial and Communications

"I come from a background of over 30 years in the automotive industry.  I’ve held senior positions in companies such as McLaren, Lamborghini and BMW, but my real understanding of the importance of what we’ve doing here at EAV came from my time as a director of Lotus Cars.  The founder of Lotus, Colin Chapman, was obsessed with weight.  Weight is the enemy of efficiency.  To move weight you use energy and we need to save energy in the world to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and to clean up our planet.  A lightweight solution was what we needed and that’s exactly what we have at EAV.  The perfect combination of bio-mechanical transport assisted by technology and low-cost electrical power.  In our towns and cities, all over the world, we travel much more slowly than we think.  So, if we don’t need speed we need EAV.  It’s really that simple."  Nigel thinks that he can play the guitar.  We're saying nothing...

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Leigh Barmby

Chief Operations Officer

Leigh has a long career in school administration and management.  Utilising her background in education to bring the next generation a viable solution to transport and making sure they inherit a healthy planet in the future, Leigh is the ideal project manager for EAV's research and development and production programmes. Leigh's known for her strong financial controls operating a lean and highly performing British design, engineering and manufacturing company.  

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John Barmby

Research and Development Manager

John has over 30 years of high level motorsport design and engineering experience including spending over 12 years as Prodrive's development manager.  Highly experienced in chassis design, vehicle  development, proofing, testing, and production validation, John's belief that lightweight is both energy conserving and efficient is the foundation of EAV's engineering philosophy.  

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