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2019. Electric Assisted Vehicles Ltd. Proudly created for the future of transportation

Investment opportunity

At EAV, we want to increase our ability to meet the demands of our eco-conscious growing business and its innovative, common-sense designed, intelligently engineered, electric assisted vehicles.

EAV's dream is to positively create a culture shift in transport, changing the mindset of vehicle users in towns and cities towards lightweight, environmentally considered vehicles for all inner city e-mobility needs.  We can see EAV vehicles as security, paramedic, ice cream vendors, snack wagons and even trades vans.  The versatility that pedal assist transport has is restricted only by imagination and current cultural norms.  It’s also a lot healthier and, with greater adoption, will improve the lifestyles and health of thousands in urban communities.

Wherever there is urban congestion, air pollution or restricted low carbon zones, to use an EAVan will soon become the norm.  We believe that the combination of legislation and public opinion will drive the demand for EAVans but wider adoption will show the benefits we already know and EAVans will become the choice of transport for the urban future.


If you want to be a part of our vision a highly successful, environmentally-focused business, we are looking for investors.  Individuals or groups who have a strong passion for sustainability, that want to influence transport for the future and who can see the global market reach potential of our company.

For further information or to request a prospectus, please email  We’re passionate about EAV transport and we want to deliver a breath of fresh air back to towns and cities.  


Thank you.