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Multi-modular vehicle platform

Oxfordshire-based Electric Assisted Vehicles Ltd (EAV) has launched a new single-platform zero-emission quadracycle.

Developed from the recently launched EAVan Ultra-Light-weight Commercial Vehicle (ULCV), the EAVcab can be supplied with just the chassis structure and the front cab; it can have multiple body conversions fitted to the rear chassis.

There are currently two chassis variants, with a medium and a long wheelbase, and the weight capability remains the same as the EAVan (at 120kg payload plus 100kg for the rider). A heavy-duty version is due to be introduced by the summer of 2020.

All EAVcabs are limited to a standard EU 15mph speed limit and are fitted with EAV’s ‘e-nertia’ switch for pre-pedal hill starts and pull-aways up to 3.7mph.

The EAVcab can cover up to 60 miles in a day, before being recharged (in less than 6hr) using a normal power socket. Batteries can also be swapped to keep the EAVcab in constant use.

EAV chairman Nigel Gordon-Stewart ( said: “The EAVcab gives EAV a real technical advantage in dealing with urban pollution and congestion.

"We can now all but replace light commercial vehicles in urban environments. We will operate through an international network of EAV dealers, and we’re already looking for dealer representation throughout Europe and in the USA and Canada.

"The customer will go to the dealer, choose the specification of their EAVcab from stock and then simply select the body conversion to be fitted.”